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And that’s me, that’s me
The boy with the broken halo
That’s me, that’s me
The devil won’t let me be

(( My male Fallout OC named Jack Rabbit. He’s a man from Wyoming of Native American descent. Billie met him when she had gone out to travel and saved his life (which for him was a pretty embarrassing moment). He owes her a lot and makes it up to her little by little. Sometimes you can spot him at Billie’s shack, taking care of business for her while she goes out for supplies. Other times he’s scouting out for customers. Usually he’s just out there doing whatever he wants and taking hunting jobs from fancy looking people with suspicious looking faces. Not gonna say anything else, now it’s up to you to find out more.

Jack is now free to rp with and it would be great if anyone would like to drop a thread for him. Any Jack Rabbit related posts should have the tag “thatdarnjackrabbit” so I can track them. Hope you guys like the drawing! ))  

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