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 So my internet poof’d for days and it so happens that college has also started for me. So I guess I’ll be offline for most of the semester. (Or for the whole semester because my classes will forever be more important than my dumb, ugly, blogs ) If we have threads then please be patient. Maybe I’ll update whenever I have some free time, but pls who really has free time anymore?? 


☃ - Name some seemingly stupid things that make you really angry or annoyed.

(Bonus!) People thinking it’s funny when they mistake me for a little boy. 

✖ - Have you ever had surgery, if so, where?

I’ve never had any surgery done. 


☃ - Name some seemingly stupid things that make you really angry or annoyed.

  • Everyone talking at the same time when there’s a time sensitive decision to be made.
  • Always getting patted at the airport. 
  • Unnecessary touching from a person I’m not really well acquainted with. 
gunhandsam replied to your post:✿, ❖
hell yes sherbet counts

AW YEEE BOYYYYYY. For real tho, them sherbets son. 

I named the stray cat around my neighborhood Orange Sherbet. That’s how serious my relationship with that flavor is. Because damn do I love that cat. 

✿, ❖

✿ - Favorite ice cream flavor?

Aaa I’m not sure if orange sherbet counts, so my other choice is vanilla. 

❖ - TV show that pisses you off but you can’t stop watching like a train wreck?

What show doesn’t piss me off and I still watch it?? Game of Thrones frustrates me the most I guess. And I’ll still watch it. But only when I’m in the mood for it. 


๏ - What do you like on your toast? Or bagels. 

 I like toasts just a little more than bagels. And I’ll only eat them up with butter. Get your dirty jams away from my face pls. 

☺ - Preferred playing piece in Monopoly?

The dog. OBVIOUSLY. When I was really little I fought my sister for it. But since she was massive in comparison I lost. 

✌ - First rp muse you ever played.

  The first character I ever made for roleplaying was a harpy called Athanasia. She had a sort of side of the head shaved hairstyle going on and her eye had been ripped out by a rival harpy. 

  Her hobbies were skinning sheep and screeching. 


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☮ - If you could only eat at one fast food place for the rest of your life, where would it be?
✈ - First kiss story.
☠ - Embarrassing story from middle school.
✌ - First rp muse you ever played.
✖ - Have you ever had surgery, if so, where?
☢ - Hair color? Eye color? 
☣ - Whats your favorite thing about yourself, physically && personality?
❖ - TV show that pisses you off but you can’t stop watching like a train wreck?
♔ - An unpopular opinion you have about something a lesser known fandom.
♚ - Favorite reality TV shows.
★ - Favorite TV shows outside of the tumblr huge realm, (excluding Superwholock, TVD, Teen Wolf, TWD, Marvel)
☆ - Pick five of your favorite movies that start with the first letter of your first name.
☄ - Do you have any weird sleeping habits?
◎ - Last thing you recorded on TV through TiVO or your DVR?
ღ - Best present you ever received, worst present you ever received.
๏ - What do you like on your toast? Or bagels. 
☺ - Preferred playing piece in Monopoly?
☻ - Do you believe in ghosts? Lochness monster? Bigfoot? Yeti?
♜ - What was the last thing you purchased?
♝ - Tell a story about something creepy that happened to you, either paranormal creepy, or people being weird creepy.
♞ - A favored holiday tradition.
♟ - Have you ever been in a school play? If so what, and who did you play? Or were you behind the scenes?
✿ - Favorite ice cream flavor?
✽ - Favorite pie or cake flavor?
☀ - Favorite actors or actresses beginning with the last letter of your last name?
☃ - Name some seemingly stupid things that make you really angry or annoyed.

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Spent five months in a cageFigurative or literal, he wondered, but it didn’t matter. The poor girl. Going through such trauma while she was still so young. His trauma (could he call it that? It made him feel strange. Inadequate) seemed natural and paled in comparison to what she loosely described.

He squeezed her hand and did what she was unable to do. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her close. 

    Her breath caught as she found herself pressed against him. Billie’s arms smoothed against her sides for a moment, before slipping around him in a tight embrace of her own. The marred gal buried her face against his shirt. Gosh, she hadn’t meant for this to happen. For things to have gotten so…emotional. It was bizarre, her home usually a cocoon of neutrality and blank faces. 

   ”I’m sorry…Maybe we shouldn’t talk about things like this. Lets just-just stay like this for a bit.”


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