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 Four squares shown brightly across the black room.

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                           **~Super Super Super Suicidal~** 
  I wanna stay inside all day/ I want the world to go away 
Mommy, will I have a mask like yours someday?

Billie inched back in light surprise, her palms trembling. “Why would you want to hide such a handsome face?” She patted the youth over their head. “Masks are for the people that need them and you certainly don’t.”

Mommy I made a friend today, Uncle Clanden, he said he had toys for me up in his room.

The woman stared wildly at her child, crouching down to reach eye level. “What has mommy told you about talking to strangers? It’s not always okay to chat with grown ups sweetie.” She grabbed her son tightly by the arms. “I’m only going to say this once, NEVER go into anyone’s room that isn’t yours or mine. Never invite anyone to the house without my permission. And if you ever see that Clanden again and he offers you toys, you tell him NO. Run home as fast as you can and if he follows you don’t worry. I’ll handle it.”

How did you and dad meet?

Pale fingers traced along her teeth, feeling out their smooth exterior while she mulled over the question. “I remember your father was doing his best to defend himself from a group of really bad people. Him being real tough and all made it hard for the mean bunch to hurt him. But one of them took him by surprise and he got in real trouble. So I stepped in and…helped him out a little. Since then we shared our names and talked.”

Mommy look! I cut off my lips so I could be just like you!

(( I thought about replying to this, but I don’t know if writing out suicide fits my mood right now.)) 

I want to be just like you ma!

The masked woman slipped a finger through her son’s curly hair, brushing away the wild strands from his face. “Why is that sweetie?.” She quickly picked him up and sat him over her lap. “You’re extraordinary just being yourself!”

(Source: hellboundxwarrior)

((Advice meme)) "What's the best way to kill Legate Lanius? Should I throttle Vulpes Inculta or put a bullet in his skull? I'm thinking of disguising myself as a slave and stabbing Caesar to death on the Ides of March, should I carry a scalpel for quick disembowelment or a simple, rusty knife with which to infect his guts?"


I have told you—let the Lord deal his wrath. We are not meant to judge the sinners on Earth, and killing them would make you no better than them.


❤ - Do they have a love interest?

Well yes, no, yes, no? She obviously has a crush on Sergio, but other than that I’m not sure what to think. 

 She’s just there you know, sitting at her dining room at night, not sleeping and repairing things to pass the time. 

 Currently she’s with Outcast in the lonely club. (( which I demand to have club buttons. Seriously what kind of club doesn’t have a ribbon or a button?)) 

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