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She gripped him tight. Was it possible for a person you’ve barely just met to break your heart? Moving a hand from playing with her hair, he used it to push strands away from where they had fallen in her face.

"I don’t think that’s how hope works. You can be very much alive, but very dead inside." After all he knew this quite well. "Not that I’m saying you’re dead inside just…" He trailed off feeling suddenly flustered, compensating for his awkward words by burying his face in her hair. He went quiet for a long moment, just enjoying the feel of her pressed against him and the way she smelled.

"Would you mind," he asked after a long moment. "If I kissed you?"

      Billie enjoyed his touch, closing her eyes as he brushed off a few wild strands. She’d meant to frown in response to what he said, but instead she found herself chuckling. The sound echoing through her chest like a disturbed mausoleum. 

   ”I get what you mean.” The gal opted to remain silent as well, relieved he wasn’t scared off by her physique. Though his next question did prompt her eyes to open wide. Slowly, she felt her pulse rise and she struggled to still her shaking fingers. “A kiss? Where?” Of course she knew where, but there was always a chance she could have been wrong. If anything she’d already mistaken him for someone that could quickly kill her off.  

  “I don’t mind, but…I don’t know- there’s not much skin on my face anymore, it would feel…gross for you.”


"Well…" He stopped stroking petting her hair for a moment. "You did find me peeping." Gently he twisted a strand of her hair around his finger before letting go. Too bad he didn’t have any scissors. 

"I’m glad you think so." He wanted to keep holding her for as long as possible and as long as her arms were also around him, that was almost possible. That there was someone out there who could possibly do something like that to a person like this. "I- Are you going to be alright?"

    The gal felt her scars stretch under the strain of her grin. Pale digits gripped at the back of his shirt, wrinkling the fabric as much as she could. She felt conflicted when it came to answering his question. He knew very well she wasn’t alright now, so there wasn’t much use in lying about the future. In fact, hadn’t she originally wanted Joseph to murder her? 

   ”I’m not sure. Maybe- it’s hard to tell.”  Billie glanced up at the dentist “Who knows what could happen? I must have some hope left if I’m still breathing, yeah?” 




Well, if you were ok with it, I certainly wouldn’t turn you down.

No, it’s okay. I just pointed that out because you tend to say it a lot. *quietly brushes her hair with a hand* I rather not have you kiss me just for the sake of it. 

gunhandsam replied to your post:gunhandsam replied to your photo:                 …

*blush* I just don’t want to impose, is all.


gunhandsam replied to your photo:                     Soft Skin, Weak Chin, Just…

*couggghhh* stillwouldsmooch

You say that a lot, but you never have. 

Default outfit. u&#8212;u Posting just in case anyone wanted to know. 


"That’s fine." He was more than happy to oblige the girl, wrapping his arms around her tighter. He felt guilty. Perhaps he should have kept his curiosity to himself. 

A hand came up, hesitating for a moment, before he gently stroked her hair. Was he breaking some kind of unspoken barrier? Would she be upset? She didn’t seem to mind that he’d been lurking outside her house, why would this bother her?

 She felt her face press harder as his arms tightened their wrap. A little more and he could have squeezed out some overdue tears. Only held back by the fine layer of pride she still possessed and the whirring storm in her stomach. 

  “You must think I’m strange- no, maybe crazy. I let you in my house even when I found you peeping…” Billie sighed, her tense joints loosened while his digits roamed through her hair. “I’m actually really glad you’re here though.”

                     Soft Skin, Weak Chin, Just walk me through it, 
                                     Tell me what to do I&#8217;ll do it. 

 So my internet poof’d for days and it so happens that college has also started for me. So I guess I’ll be offline for most of the semester. (Or for the whole semester because my classes will forever be more important than my dumb, ugly, blogs ) If we have threads then please be patient. Maybe I’ll update whenever I have some free time, but pls who really has free time anymore?? 

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